Your dog will love the taste.
You’ll love the quality ingredients.

Dogs love Bark n’ Bakery treats and biscuits. We do too! That’s why they’re sold exclusively in every one of our PetPeople stores. Bark ‘n Bakery believes in nutrition and using high-quality ingredients that deliver on taste and performance. They understand that treats and biscuits, given with love, become so much more than treats and biscuits. They become something that strengthens bonds and deepens relationships between pets and their people. And that’s worth believing in.



Bark ’n Bakery Bulk Biscuits

The Bark ‘n Bakery “Biscuit Wall” is must stop for so many of our customers. With over 18 flavors of bulk biscuits to choose from, in a variety of shapes and sizes, they love to mix and match their pet’s favorites. Made in Wisconsin, USA, Bark ‘n Bakery Bulk Biscuits come in grain and grain-free options.

Bark ’n Bakery Training Treats

These are the training treats dogs love to trick for!

  • Only 6 calories per treat
  • Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Made in the USA with high-quality ingredients
  • Corn, gluten and soy-free
  • PetPeople approved

Try all the flavors!

  • Bessie Bites
  • Quack Snacks
  • Savory Snaps
  • Nutty Nummies
  • Joint Jiggies
  • Shiny Poppers

Bark ‘n Bakery™ Gourmet Dog Treats

These Gourmet Baked Dog Treats are almost too pretty to eat, but your dog will because they taste so good. They’re perfect for birthdays or anytime you want to make your dog feel special.

Look for our seasonal and holiday-themed cookie treats in-store, but hurry – they go fast!

These are some examples of the type of fun seasonal and holiday-themed cookies we’ve offered in the past. Availability and variety vary by location, so what is shown here may not be available at your local store currently.