Ava’s Pet Palace treats for dogs are here!

We’re proud to carry some amazing brands in our PetPeople stores. We look for brands that offer something special and share our passion for helping pets thrive.

Ava’s Pet Palace and their 14-year-old Founder and Chief Pet Officer, Ava are definitely something special! That’s why we’re so excited to welcome Ava and her simple, organic and all-natural ingredient treats to PetPeople.

Driven by a love for animals and a passion for helping them be happy, healthy and feeling great, she drew up her first business plan at age 6 in the form of a palace. The palace was filled with words like “Animal Food”, “Animal Toys” and “Pet Restaurant”.

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By the time she was 8, she had noticed that the food she and her family were feeding their rescue pets was not made with the same high-quality and healthy ingredients that her family enjoyed. That’s when, with the help of her parents, Ava’s Pet Palace was born.

She started by researching safe, healthy ingredients for pets and experimenting with recipes in the family kitchen. She tested her treat creations on her rescue dog, Rock, and orange cat, Pumpkin.

Today, Ava’s Pet Palace has grown to working with bigger kitchens and has happy customers in all 50 states.

Look for these USDA Certified Organic dog treats at your local PetPeople store!

Why we love them and why you and your pet will love them too!