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PetPeeps Rewards: Loyalty Program For Customers

PetPeeps Rewards is a way for us to show you how much we appreciate your business. Think of it like reward treats for pet parents, except in the form of PetPeeps Rewards Certificates, Frequent Buyer Savings on food, litter and dog washes and a host of other special PetPeeps Rewards member benefits.

PetPeeps Reward Points

Earn points for every dollar spent with every point going towards savings certificates!

  • For every dollar you spend, you get at least one point – THE MORE YOU SPEND, THE MORE YOU GET!
  • With each PetPeeps point reward level you reach, you’ll automatically receive a PetPeeps Rewards certificate worth money off your next PetPeople purchase 
33000 points = $350 Certificate
29000 points = $325 Certificate
26000 points = $300 Certificate
23000 points = $275 Certificate
20000 points = $250 Certificate

17500 points = $225 Certificate
15000 points = $200 Certificate
12500 points = $175 Certificate
10000 points = $150 Certificate

8000 points = $125 Certificate
6000 points = $100 Certificate
4000 points = $75 Certificate
2500 points = $50 Certificate

1500 points = $20 Certificate
1000 points = $10 Certificate
500 points = $10 Certificate
200 points = $5 Certificate


PetPeeps Rewards Frequent Buyer Savings

Get FREE Food, and dog washes for your dog or FREE food and litter for your cat!


We take pet nutrition very seriously at PetPeople. We want to do everything we can to ensure your pet is getting food that fits their nutritional needs, flavor profile and lifestyle. We also want to make sure that feeding high-quality food is we’re as affordable as possible. That’s why we’re proud to offer our PetPeeps Rewards Frequent Buyers Savings on our food!

Reward yourself when you shop at PetPeople!

When you purchase 12 bags or cases of a participating food brand, your 13th is FREE! 

Here’s the math:

If you buy 12 bags at $20, you’ll spend $240. With Frequent Buyer Savings your 13th bag is FREE, so your actual cost per bag goes down to $18.46. That’s a 7.7% SAVINGS!

12 bags of a $50 food would be $600. With our Frequent Buyer Savings your 13th bag is FREE making your actual cost per bag $46.15. You just bagged 7.7% savings!

In addition to free bags of your dog or cat’s favorite food, you also earn PetPeeps Reward points on every dollar spent!

Self-Service Dog Washes

Dog washes count for PetPeeps Rewards Frequent Buyer Savings. Get a punch on your Frequent Buyer Dog Wash Card for every dog wash. After 12 washes, Your 13th is FREE! 


Litter savings work the same as our food savings. Buy 12 bags of litter, get the 13th bag FREE. Participating litters include Integrity, Sustainably Yours, SmartCat*, BoxieCat and World’s Best.

*SmartCat is not available in North Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. 

The point is you get so much more than points with PetPeeps Rewards.

  • Money off future purchases
  • Special double-point events
  • Valuable coupon offers
  • Notification of product recalls (must have a valid email address)
  • Frequent Buyer Savings on dog food, dog wash, cat food and litter
  • Special surprise and delight events throughout the year

Don’t miss out, sign up today!

Visit any PetPeople retail store and inquire with an associate.

General Terms & Conditions