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Give Paws

Every summer Give Paws allows you to not only give support to your local pet community but show it too! Buy a stylish Give Paws t-shirt and you’ll look great and feel even better by supporting animals in need. 100% of the profits from your purchase go to animal shelters and rescues right in your […]

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Flea and Tick Control

We tend to think of a flea and tick “season”, but the reality is that it is a year-round problem for many pet owners. Here’s how to protect your pets and home from these dangerous pests. Health Concerns. Fleas and ticks are a serious threat to your pet’s health. They can cause significant discomfort and […]

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Respect your cat

We know you love and respect your cat every day. Here are some ways to show you care.   Respect your cat’s habits. Cats thrive with consistency and dependability. That’s especially true with feeding time. Food is particularly important to your cat. Feed your cat at the same time every day.  Respect the litter box. […]

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Building a Better Bowl

Pet nutrition should be more than a bowl of basic dry kibble. It has evolved to include a variety of toppers, additives and enhancers that add moisture, increase palatability and meat content to optimize nutrition and help pets thrive.

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Green Shake Recipe

This green shake recipe is easy to make and a delicious, healthy and fun treat for your pet!

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Feeding raw quiz

Wondering what’s FACT and what’s FICTION when it comes to raw/natural pet diets? Test your knowledge and take our quiz. Let’s bust out some truth for better nutrition for your pet!

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Feeding Raw Diets

Though dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, the feeding of commercially made pet foods have been available for less than 100 years […]

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Transitioning Your Pet’s Food

Nutrition needs are highly individual and evolving. Many pet parents find that they need to make diet changes […]

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Rotational Feeding for Pets

People pay a lot of attention to what we feed our pets, but how we feed them is worth some consideration as well […]

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Pet Supplements

There are a wide variety of pet supplements available today […]

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Proper pet nutrition, safety and well-being for pets is vitally important to everyone at PetPeople […]

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Pet Centered Nutrition

High-quality, natural, wholesome, and nutritious pet foods and treats are vitally important in improving the health and well-being of pets […]

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Indoor Cat Enrichment

More cats are being kept as indoor pets than ever before […]

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Dental Health

Thanks to regular vaccinations and other preventative health measures, pets are living much longer than in the past […]

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Pet Allergies

Itching, irritated skin, ear infections, digestive upset — many pet owners see symptoms in their pets that they would describe as allergies […]

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Cat Nutrition

Cats are not like dogs or humans. They’re a delightfully different species with unique nutritional needs […]

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Rotational Diets

Rotating a pet’s food is based on the simple premise that more variety will provide better overall health for your pet […]

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Pina Colada Goat Milk Pupcicles

A quick and refreshing snack for pets who like getting caught in the rain.

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Doggy Cocktail Meatballs

Heavy and meaty hors d’oeuvres for your furry friends.

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Pet Cookie Recipe

Try a cookie recipes that is raw, made with whole food and is starch-free.