5 Ways to Make Pet Walking More Worthwhile!

1. Don’t get in a rut with your route

Do you find yourself taking the same route for every walk? Over time this can become boring for both you and your dog. Even a little change can mean a lot. Try walking the opposite direction or try something completely different and head to a park or dog-friendly beach.

2. A walk can be more than a walk

Dogs love walks, but they like it even more when you combine it with something else that’s fun. It breaks up the walk and adds some excitement to your time together. Try planning the walk around a trip to a dog-friendly restaurant for dinner or shopping in a dog-friendly store like PetPeople. When you’re done, you can continue the walk and be happy that you accomplished another task as well.

3. Walk your way to a better trained dog

Another way to break up a walk and make things more fun is by adding in some quick training sessions. Start with the basics such as stay, down and heel, especially if your dog isn’t used to training. Training in different environments (such as on the walk) will increase your dog’s impulse control, and it’s a fantastic way to sharpen their focus. Bring plenty of treats with you to reward good behavior.

4. Phone a friend

Make your dog walk more fun by inviting a friend or relative along. It’s nice to have other human beings to talk to and your dog will enjoy the extra company. It’s a great way to meet new friends too. Introduce yourself to other dog owners in the neighborhood and see if you can meet up a few times a week for a dog walk.

5. Double up on the fun

Complement the walk with some playtime! Pack some toys, like a flying disc, ball, or tug-of-war toy and get some play time in at a park along your route. Breaking up the walk with a little game of fetch is a great way to keep you both engaged. Just remember to have your dog earn the playtime first by walking calmly by your side or right behind you for twenty or thirty minutes first.